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So...I need some advice.

Since moving here last July, things got crazy, then they calmed down, then they got crazy again, and now everything seems to have fallen into place.


I got my audit results back at work today. The big boss took me out to lunch to tell me I'm the number one rep in the state, and my scores pulled everyone else up considerably. This is good news.

Things are going well with MitsuBT. This is also good news.

I am pretty much done with my final paper, and it looks like it'll be pretty easy for me to ace this class, meaning I will graduate with a 4.0 GPA. Good news again!

I'm finally making friends, and having busy weekends, and lots of plans and fun stuff. More good news!

Then I got an email today from my old boss in Texas (he's since been promoted). They just opened up a supervisor position at my old office. And he invited me to apply. The pay jump would be pretty good, and coupled with the lower cost of living in Texas, I'd be sitting pretty. They'd pay full relocation costs to move, too. The fact that I was invited to apply by the hiring manager probably means chances are pretty good I'd get the job. The big boss at work made some calls today about the position and told me he'd be more than happy to help me in any way he can, and that if I need time off to prepare for interviews or anything to just let him know.


If I got the job, I'd be back in Texas by the end of August.

So...I'm torn. Things are finally working out for me here! I spent the last year trying to make friends and date and have a social life again, and now that I'm finally feeling like I belong here, I might be packing up again. I do still have friends in Texas, and I know the area well, so it'd be a lot easier to move back than it was to move out here in the first place.


What do you guys think? Would you take the job? I love it here in Hawaii, but I'm getting kind of sick of being broke all the time, and with my student loans coming due next month...also, there aren't a lot of opportunities to move up here. My immediate supervisor has to retire first, and he seems to think it'll be at least another 2 years or so.

Also...do I tell MitsuBT I am applying for this job? We were supposed to go out tonight to celebrate my awesome audit results (his idea), but he just texted and cancelled, which is weird, but whatever. I was going to tell him if I saw him tonight.


Ugh. So conflicted.

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