Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

...but if you work at a winery in California and you don't even try to speak/learn Spanish? You're a jerk. A big one.

This message brought to you by my weird feelings at having to transcribe a Vineyard Manager's interview into "better" English.


ETA: Major plot point: this is NOT about hating on people who aren't bilingual or passing judgement on latin@s who don't speak Spanish. I'm griping about people in a majority-Spanish-speaking environment refusing to try to learn the language. It's a very specific situation and can't really be generalized. I should have made that more clear, I'm sorry if I made anyone feel shitty.

ETA 2: I also want to add that I should have realized that not having Spanish proficiency can be a sore subject for people — like me, duh self — and I should have worded this so I was more clear and people didn't feel called out. I was vagueposting because what I'm talking about involves other people's work. That is my bad.

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