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You know what?

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I always feel a sense of liberation when I just make this declaration. This week is fucked, and we can’t save it now.

  • Fuck this week because Bobby Jindal issued an executive order essentially giving businesses the right to refuse service to gays based on religious preference. You know, the same shit that even the Republicans in Arkansas and Indiana wouldn’t pass because of the threats to their economy. Welp, our legislature decided to take those threats seriously, and Bobby “Shitbird” Jindal (I’m trying to make fetch happen here) decided that the livelihood of the people in his state - EVEN THE VERY WEALTHY ONES - was not more important than his presidential ambitions. NOLA protects the LGBTQ community, but that doesn’t stop people from boycotting us. And we fucking deserve it. My income is somewhat tied to tourism, but my SO’s income (and that of so many people I know) is directly tied to it, and summer is already tough around here. We desperately need the convention crowd.
  • Fuck this week because my company has been essentially trying to promote me out of a position for a month and I can’t leave because I’m stuck babysitting this dumb idiot. I’ve been working half my old job and half my new job for about a year now, and they want me full time in the new one (which I want too!).
  • Fuck this week because my dog is super itchy and I won’t have a chance to get her to the vet until next week. Poor wienerdog. It’s not fleas (she’s on meds and I haven’t spotted any). I think it’s allergies, which she gets sometimes. She needs her annual tune-up anyway.
  • Fuck this week because I have been needing weed or medicine to fall asleep so that I don’t wake up all night or grind my teeth. Fun fact: my therapist suggested weed to me. That is probably Bad Therapist but she’s on my page, it seems. It works and I rarely use it anyway.
  • Fuck this week because my good friend and co-worker is moving to Utah. UTAH. Like an idiot! She has “family there” or something stupid. I’m gonna miss her.
  • Fuck this week because my other good friend has just moved back in town from NYC and I haven’t been able to meet up with her.
  • Fuck this week because Thursdays are my work from home day where I just POWER through some stuff and feel like a badass, and I am already all scrambled and pissed off today and can’t seem to get my shit started. I usually sit my ass in this chair and just draw floorplans for like, fucking 14 hours. I get everything done on Thursdays.

Feel free to add your own, “Fuck this week because ________.”

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