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Oh, you can’t go to the zoo today because there might be protesters? I don’t care.

Oh, you are whining on facebook because U2 cancelled their show tonight because of risk of protests? I don’t care.

Oh, you are worried about going anywhere for your errands? I don’t care.

Oh, you are whining about how there are protesters at the mall? The mall in the suburbs, no less! I don’t care.



I care that once again our justice system was A-okay fucking over a black man murdered by police.

I care that the judge justified the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith, saying that in his experience he would expect an “urban” drug dealer to be armed. Fuck you, Judge Wilson, it’s not illegal to own a gun in Missouri. A gun that didn’t have any DNA from Smith on it, but had DNA from the cop. A gun that prosecution argued was planted by the cop. I care that video footage of a cop saying “we’re gonna kill this motherfucker, don’t know you...” was believed by a judge to have been taken out of context by the prosecution. You know I say things like “if one more motherfucker assigns me a ticket at work, I might break some shit,” but I don’t actually do anything. If I did, my statement would be treated as premeditated intent. But not for a white cop, he’s special and rules never apply to him.

So no, I don’t give one sorry shit that your weekend might be inconvenienced because protesters are out and about. Talk to Anthony Lamar Smith’s family about being inconvenienced. Or Michael Brown’s. Or anyone else who has seen a family member murdered by police.


Brought to you by me massively unfriending people on facebook this weekend.

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