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So my brother-in-law is still in the hospital. His condition is yoyoing. I cannot effectively tell you how this is on Bralock and my in-laws. They are stressed and sleep deprived and eager for this to resolve and and and etc.

Saturday, Dadlock went to the hospital with the worst headache he has ever had. He routinely gets migraines, and this wasn’t that. After a CT SCAN it turns out he has bleeding on his brain! He cannot even sit up without pain. He is in so much pain he is nauseous. He hasn’t slept well in at least a week. Turns out he has had symptoms for about a month, but he also had a bad sinus infection, and they thought those symptoms were because of that. He is slowly getting better and has been able to sleep thanks to the meds the doctors have given him, but he won’t be able to leave the hospital for another few days yet. I cannot do anything for him or Momlock because I live 2000 miles away. When it rains...



Update 10:16 EDT: Of course I poked the fucking bear. Got a call from Momlock. Dadlock has been transfered into the ICU. He is having trouble maintaining consciousness. He will have surgery no later than tomorrow afternoon to relieve the pressure in his cranium. Momlock is sleeping at the hospital tonight and probably tomorrow night. Momlock told me not to come out until after the procedure tomorrow because we won’t know what to do until then. I have preemptively packed a bag.

Please send whatever good vibes/prayers/whatever. My dad is in trouble.

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