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You know what's good after a long, awful day?


Bourbon's good after a long, awful day.


But seriously, what is it about apartment hunting that is just so supremely awful? I've done a lot of stressful things in my life, but something about apartment hunting is just the most soul-crushing, stress inducing experience. It's worse than applying to school! It's worse than submitting things! It's worse than breaking up with an SO! It's worse than finishing my senior thesi— okay, maybe nothing so far has been that stressful, BUT THIS IS CLOSE.

Yesterday I saw an apartment that I loved. My roommate was out of town, so I saw it alone. I sent him a video. We both really wanted it. The realtor gives me an application. The application is pretty standard, but instead of a good faith deposit they want to meet with us for an interview. Okay, that's cool. I don't have to take $500 out of my bank account for a place I may not get, and even better, the application gives a list of documents that (to me) reads "don't bring these until interview".


"Be sure to bring both originals and copies to your interview. Do not fax these documents beforehand."

Yeah, to me that says, don't attach them now. We don't want them now. Yes, I thought that was weird (and it's my fault for not following up).


Yeah, apparently they did want them now. So I get a bunch of texts from my realtor saying my app's not complete. I'm at work at the museum. I am on the floor dealing with visitors all day, so the time I have to now do everything I need to do is one hour and 20 minutes (my lunch and my break). I call my mother and beg her for help. She does because it's been proven by science that my mother is the best. However, she cannot find my most recent W-2. It's probably in a box somewhere since when I did my taxes we were all living in a temporary apartment while my parent's place got renovated. I have not unpacked most of my boxes since returning, since I figured I was going to move soon and that would be silly.

So, it should be easy to get my W-2, right? I can just go to payroll. They can give me a copy! Well, silly me for thinking that THEY WOULD BE IN THEIR OFFICE. I'm not making this up, I went at 3:30 (business day is done at 5pm) and no one was in the office. Not a soul. They weren't taking a break, they weren't in the back, they were just gone. I called, and knocked on the window, and I rang the buzzer, and nothing. Apparently, they just decided that they didn't have to be there till 5 o'clock and went home. The real kicker? Today was payday. If there's any day that payroll should be in the office the whole day, it's payday. Regardless, over 3000 people work in the museum. Payroll should be there till 5pm.


The end of the story is that now, instead of going to my friend's place for a relaxing game night, I am sitting at home, about to go through unpacked boxes, looking for the one that has my W-2 in it.

Thankfully, I am sitting pretty with bourbon. THANKS BOURBON.

UPDATE: Mr. Fishnets brought me cupcakes. This is because Mr. Fishnets is the best.

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