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You come across a song from a concert from a group you loved in the 80s and you see a comment that the lead singer is 57 and you say to yourself “no way she cannot be more then late twent...” and you suddenly realize time has past.

Susanna Hoffs is still at 57 a fantatstic singer. Pity Michael Steele is no longer part of the group she was a good guitarist and singer as well as Hoffs.

I recall in the 80s a lot of folks argued who was better GoGos or Bangles. They were the two biggest all female groups in the 80s. Banarama came in late 80s at the earliest. I loved the Bangles. Their harmony was so good, Hoffs had such a great voice. Still does. Belinda Carlisle was also excellent voice wise of the GoGos.


I feel so old now.

I know “oh God Eisen and his 80s music”

Here is the wiki page of the Bangles.


The song is Hazy Shade of Winter a cover of the Simon and Garfunkel song. I prefer the Bangles version. This was sung in August of 2016.

Anyone else hear a song and you see their age and say “no way” then realize time passed.

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