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You Mad Bro?

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Additional replies via Burt Reynolds is my Spirit Guide:

"Mr. Dewhurst, you and your caucus of actors lied, cheated and stood arrogantly on your own self importance last night. You personally LIED when you stated openly on the floor that a 3rd sustained objection would result in THE BODY voting on whether to end debate. Yet when one of your Tea Party Taliban puppets launched a phony, baseless challenge on germaneness you summarily sustained it and your party attempted to shut down legitimate challenges. YOU lied. Then, like the coward you are you recused yourself and appointed your fumbling stooge Robert Duncan who attempted to make a kangaroo court out of your Senate house. Your party ignored the rules multiple times and attempted to ram rod a partisan bill that would never withstand legal challenge. You and your caucus are a national embarrassment and we can only hope that people of Texas take last night's fiasco as a wake up call and remove all of you bad actors in the GOP from power."

"Yes, furtively trying to pass legislation in the dead of night is most noble of you. What you call an 'unruly mob,' the rest of us call democracy in action. Congratulations to Wendy Davis and to all the people who came out to support her and defeat a grotesque piece of legislation that would have endangered the lives of hundreds of thousands of Texas women by denying them access to safe medical abortions - to which they are legally entitled. You can tell us all about how you are trying to protect the 'health' of Texas women as soon as you get your medical degree, m-kay? Medical abortion is 14 times SAFER than pregnancy and childbirth, if you want to play that little game. Pregnancy remains the leading cause of death of young women around the world and UNSAFE abortions kill 70,000 women a year across the globe, 8 women a day on average. Furthermore, OVER HALF of all abortions currently performed are performed in countries where the procedure is illegal. So making the procedure illegal will NOT reduce the number of abortions performed but WILL guarantee that women will die agonizing deaths from being butchered by back alley abortionists like Kermit Gosnell. In the US alone, an estimated 5000 women died each and every year due to unsafe abortions before Roe V Wade and abortion rats were HIGHER prior to 1973. I know Texas lawmakers and facts are uneasy bedfellows but you might want to crack open a book before you try to pass legislation about something you know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about. And the idea that you and your friends at the country club are trying to 'protect' the health of women and children would be funny if it wasn't such a sick, sick joke. Texas has the highest rate of uninsured people (including women and children) in the country, the fourth highest rate of women and children living in poverty, and ranks third from the bottom in Family and Community, and 42nd out of the fifty states when it comes to children's welbeing. . A report out today shows that 72% of fourth graders in Texas can't read. So save your pious 'what about the children?' nonsense for your fellow evangelical Christian zealots because the rest of us aren't buying it. The policies enacted by your government again and again indicate very clearly what you think about the most vulnerable members of your society. You're right about one thing though - this fight isn't over. It won't be over until you and your kind are removed from office once and for all - and demographics show that the socially conservative Republican Texan will become quite the rare bird indeed within the next decade. Enjoy what little time you have left in the sun. You will be gone soon enough, bless your little black heart."

"Wait, I thought we were in the same room last night, but maybe we weren't. Your State Affairs Committee Chair cut off testimony on one version of the bill while hundreds of us, myself included, quietly waited to testify and waited 10 hours or more to do so. A few days later, the House refused to hear many of the amendments offered on the bill and rushed a vote thought in the middle of the night. But we were there, and we were watching. Last night you tried to cut off a filibuster based on improper procedure and your own political motivations, which over 100,000 people saw online and hundreds of us saw live and in the room. Only then did we protest. When Leticia Van De Putte was ignored and called you on it did we, protested. YOU didn't follow the rules and we saw. YOU tried to turn back the clock on the vote and THE WORLD SAW. We are not the unruly mob, the Texas Legislature is. And you are being called on it. Finally, you are being called on it."

"I am proud to say that your "unruly, screaming mob" included many of the finest Texas women I know. Wonderful mothers too, by the way. We look forward to continuing to fight your efforts to make a more dangerous Texas for our daughters, and promise to see you at the polls."

"If you care about Texas babies, spend more time on legislation concerning Headstart, Education, Early Healthcare, and Nutrition."

"I am also furious over last night's session. I witnessed an unruly mob using bully tactics and cheap cheats to try to get in the way of legislators doing their job. Btw, that mob was you and your party! I am proud that my friends [REDACTED], and many others were able to chant over your attempts at injustice! When you grow a pair of ovaries I would be glad to listen to your opinions on a bill that would then ACTUALLY pertain to you! #shutyourface"



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