Or this week.

We cannot let the momentum die and we cannot lose the connections and the shared mission we had yesterday. On my facebook page, I saw photos of women and men I have known across all of the phases of my life - from elementary school to now - marching across the world. The march brought together diverse voices - which is amazing. We have to celebrate our diversity and not let it fracture us - we can find a way to keep working together, even if the reasons why we are doing this may differ. We have a common foe and that is enough.

So, what will you do this week to keep the pressure on the administration, on congress, on your state or city?

I plan to call my MoC every day that I work from home this week - my goal is to reinforce (since my senators and representatives are all blue and outspoken) that they cannot support Sessions, DeVos, Price, Tillerson, etc. I will reinforce that they cannot let the ACA be repealed (but it can be improved).


Share your plans!