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You Say You Get It, But You Clearly Don't

I am bored and babysitting; hence my second post today. I haven't seen a response to this yet on the main page, but maybe I missed it.

I am doing some non-specific comedy research, and came across this in the Huffington Post Comedy section:


Basically, some guy named Travis Irvine is upset because he thinks he has been the unfair target of the Lindy West - Feminist Comedy Police. He wrote an open letter to her and the Jezebel editors, in which he even links to Lindy's Open letter to White Male Comedians...Yet he still insists on missing the point.


I started writing this post with energy, and now I'm tired... I get really tired instead of really vigilant lately. I read his letter, and it sounds like he's a nice guy, but ultimately an idiot. He can't see the correlation between condoning violence against women in art, and the acceptance of violence against women in life. He wrote a shitty tweet in defence of Kurt Metzger; who admits to choking some ex-girlfriend, and who consequently revels in promoting misogyny in comedy.. He gave the typical Paula Deen defender line of it-was-a-long-time-ago-is-this-really-news(


When I took a class on addictions, we spoke about how comments that hit too close to home stung because it often contradicted our self image, (Like why it's a bad idea to call an alcoholic an alcoholic, until they've accepted it). I think this is often what is at the heart of this particular comedy debate. Many men in comedy do not want to accept the part that they play in perpetuating that rape and violence against women is ok... I don't think that it's easy to admit that a thing that you've done, especially in jest, has contributed to the pain of another person.

Travis seems very hurt and disturbed by the idea that there are women out there that think that he is a misogynist; but he needs to grow the fuck up... We all do fucked up shit until we know better. And answering "Nu-unh", and defending the indefensible, does nothing to help anybody...


On a positive note, my nephew seems to have stopped jumping up and down in his crib, and finally fallen asleep..

ETA: I enjoyed writing this, it was somewhat cathartic. But I will assume by the radio silence, that I'm beating a dead horse. Lesson learned.

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