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Welcome To The Bitchery

The LA Times this week published Framed, a six-part long-form deep dive article about two married lawyers who tried to frame a PTA school volunteer with drug possession because of a perceived slight against their son. It is absolutely nuts.

There’s a lot going on here, and the PTA mom in question, Kelli Peters, is very, very lucky that a seasoned veteran of a cop in this very rich town realized that something about the story wasn’t quite right, and he decided to investigate further. Had it happened to someone else who was a little less well-loved in that school, or in a poorer area, there’s an extremely good chance this lady would be in jail right now.


The two married lawyers, Kent and Jill Easter, come off as totally nuts. It’s just so amazing to me that these people literally tried to ruin this poor woman’s life over an after school activity misunderstanding.

Someone please read this and be boggled with me. These people were crazy. I feel so bad for their three kids, whose lives are essentially forever changed now, through their parents’ idiocy.

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