I do find this interesting. I've always thought of as Asians, women in particular, being more 'accepted' in the world, especially in America. Like, ya know, if you were to rank people on 'Cepted in 'Murrica.

NOT ONLY THAT, but in a "Miss World competition", statistically an 'Asian' is more likely to win right? 1 outta every 3 people-ish on this planet are from Asian (1.7 billion people in China, 1 Billion in India. about 7 Billion on the planet).



We were wrong. For once we thought the Asian community could have a win without a large of show of racist backlash. We thought we were safely out of the woods and had avoided another Nina Davuluri ordeal. Let us all release a collective sigh of disappointment. -

ETA: This is a very valid point here


I'd be willing to bet Devina is from the middle east, in an area of privilege. Filipina domestic workers are commonplace in Dubai and Saudi, and it would really explain the "maids" comments. I'm not saying good old America is any better, but the tone of the rant seems to suggest she's from another racist shitbed. 2 minutes ago


Heres a video of the winner, for those who havent seen it. I don't really watch these competitions that much, but she actually won my heart with this video.