Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
Illustration for article titled Youguise! (Everyone!) (Especially Team Dog!)

Today was the best because I got to walk an Appenzeller* (like the one pictured - short haired, but with fewer white markings). I've walked her before and she's the biggest love and I want to adopt her, myself :p Big doggeh!


(*previously mislabeled, perhaps, as a Bernese mountain dog. Owners refer to her as such. Either way, sweet big doggeh.)

So that was the best.

Things that are also the best:
- My mom and my cousin (aunt's daughter) both thought to go to a famous Jewish deli as a tribute to my aunt's passing. My mom's gonna eat some pastrami on my behalf.


- I have 8 viable responses to my survey already! That feels great.

- It's Friday, and I don't have to go to class tomorrow! :)

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