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I was reading Buzzfeed (as you do) when I came across this delightful article about 4 women of color who were drawn as Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon. The article is cute so I scrolled to comments and LO AND BEHOLD, the greatest time-waster ever created.

I give you, Doll Divine Sailor Senshi Maker. So many skin colors. So many hair colors. They even have AFRO PUFFS. AND ALL THE ACCESSORIES!!! I’m going to make several in different color themes, in dresses and in sailor outfits and I’m so excited I can’t even. I just finished this beauty:


I know, I know. You are all super jealous of my sweet Sailor-making skills. And yes, purple IS my favorite color. This is fantasy Sailor Me, complete with kick ass cape AND wings AND little puff poms in my multicolored hair because they are boss.

After doing some fun time-wasting, share your fabulous Sailor Senshi below!

ETA: Also super fun is hitting the “random” and “chaos” buttons to see what they maker just creates for shits and giggles.

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