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You'll never guess what my FiL was planning

So Sunday is Mr. Ivriniel’s maternal grandfather’s 90th birthday. In what has been widely seen as a passive-aggressive move, ABiL planned a party for their grandfather on Saturday, which happens to be Mr I’s Dad’s birthday.

Anyways, apparently my FiL decided that his ex-Father in Law’s 90th birthday party would be the perfect time to hold an “intervention” with Mr Ivriniel over his drinking. I put intervention in quotes because my FiL doesn’t actually know what an intervention is. All he had planned was to publicly confront Mr I, but hadn’t gotten in contact with a counsellor or treatment centre or anything.

Fortunately he had told Mr Ivriniel’s mother his brilliant plan, and she told him in no uncertain terms that he was not to go through with it.


For what it is worth, I do think Mr I probably needs to go into in-patient treatment, but it is currently in the process of working with a community based treatment program in our town. I am hoping the counsellor will recommend an inpatient facility. I don’t know where to begin in picking one. Mr I also has a consult with the GI Doctor over his liver next week, and I am hoping that will push him forward into getting help.

I cannot shake the feeling that on some level my FiL was planning this to get back at ABiL for planning someone else’s party on his birthday. It certainly would make my FiL the centre of attention as he did one of his favourite things: lecturing people on how to live their lives.

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