Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Inspired by PrincessFluffybutt's questions about Texas, I dug up a journal I wrote when I was twenty when I traveled across the United States the first time. I plan to present them (probably out of order, starting with Texas) as a Thursday night feature. I decided not to edit or censor the writing to be an artifact from 2005, so language and opinions of Young Penabler don't represent Penabler today.

Anyway, I was 3/4 of the way done with this Thursday entry but there was a freak black out for about 15 seconds and I lost everything. FUCK. This is almost like my masterpiece essay on Kanye I lost. However, I still have the journal so I'll try to add it tomorrow at work. Anyway, a sneak peak at my 20 year old adventures:

"I was alerted by Ethan slapping me on the back and shouting, "LET'S GO!" Not thinking, I dropped my drinks and took off after him. The rest of the guys got the message and gave chase as well. A well wishing male prostitute with a cape and sword joined as well.

We ran as fast as we could following the direction of drunken partiers until it was just me, Ethan, and the prostitute. Soon after we ran out of witnesses on where the dirt bag had gone. Still pretty drunk and upset about losing 100 dollars, Ethan and I had teh prostitute lead us around the city to places a thief might be hiding out, and thus began our 100 dollar tour of the New Orleans under city."

Illustration for article titled Young Penablers Adventures

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