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Welcome To The Bitchery

I was at a consignment shop gabbing with the clerk I have knwn for over 10 years.

She was behind the counter, I was on the other side with the jewelry case with a glass top between us.


We talked about each other dogs then I said, “lot of jewelry here that’s old”. Old as in been here for two months.

She said “young women are not buying much jewelry”.

Me: Young as in?

Clerk: 20s (she is mid 50s)

Me: Look at all these Sophia (Lia) pieces 10 years ago they sold so fast now ugh”


Clerk: I know we may not accept them anymore.

Me: Makes sense.

Maybe because its about 95 percent low end jewelry could be the problem. Low end means less then 30 dollars. Jewelry maybe 30 percent sell. The Sophia pieces used to be good sellers at 25 dollars ten years ago now they are 10.


Is she correct overall? Is jewelry sales skewing older? Is Sophia a deadish market around me or nation wide?

Of course if you watch QVC or Evine or Jewelry channel jewelry there sells well but nothing low end.

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