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Your advice sought: non-Dyson stick vacuums

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Hey GTers,
Who better to dole out trusted recommendations than this lovely bunch of wise people?
Currently, I am in the market for a new lightweight vacuum cleaner, but I would rather not shell out for a Dyson just yet.


Were money no object, this is what I would buy:


Any recommendations for a reasonably comparable off-brand dupe? Ideally, I’d like to keep it under $200.


  • Stick attachment (I don’t want to bend and lean just to reach the floor as I do with my current handheld Dustbuster-like model).
  • Powerful enough to pick up stubborn debris from area rugs and carpeting.
  • Made for pet households
  • Enough battery life to clean for at least 30 mins without recharge (I’ve seem some that only have 10 mins of juice, which ????)
  • Crevice and brush attachments
  • Easy-to-empty compartment
  • Works well on floors (home is mostly hardwood floors with area rugs and a small section of carpeting)


  • Wall mount hardware.
  • Reasonably quick recharge
  • Filter
  • Doesn’t blow into your face as you vacuum (a huge flaw in the Dysons, imho)

Any recommendations?


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