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12 foods with more sugar than a krispy kreme donut.

The "irish exit" (or the "French leave").


Medial bills are the biggest cause of US bankruptcies.

A study on income inequality and violence.

The U.S.A. is almost off the chart in the upper right hand corner, and Japan is the lowest in numbers of homicides and is one of the more equal societies, found over over in the lower left hand corner. There is a large body of evidence which shows a clear relationship between inequality as a structural, systemic problem and higher homicide rates.

Who is involved in violence?

The researchers spend quite a bit of time rendering a sketch of "who" is being violent. Within any society it is poor young men from disadvantaged neighborhoods who are most likely to be involved in violence.


A reparations plan that makes sense.

The estimates I've seen regarding what the net value of black American slaves in 1860 would translate to in current dollars range from $1.75 trillion to $10 trillion. Writing in Forbes, some white guy reckons America's net wealth is somewhere around $80 trillion, adding that "Even if slavery reparations are righteously due they would amount to around and about the current cost of food stamps." Since total American annual welfare spending is now around $1 trillion, and since the country has spent trillions in welfare since the 1950s, and since blacks chew up a disproportionate amount of welfare expenditures, it's possible that the "reparations" may have already been paid—with interest, even.


Every other nation that has gun massacres changes their laws and then the massacres stop. Via the New Yorker.


Even something for you Canadians.

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