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Your best bit (TW: happiness)

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Please tell me your good things.

The terrific-est bits of my life at the mo:

1. There's a hot naked bloke playing air drums in front of me right now

2. Lunch was good (see picture)

3. Booked a brilliant job in Budapest

4. Got three quote requests for really exciting jobs

5. Started looking for better flats in our neighbourhood and there seem to be loads


6. Moved to a new office and it's much, much better

7. New office has a new Waitrose and it's huge

8. Breton-striped shirts in sample sales = seven first-class shirts for the price of one


9. New office has a new café and it's FUCKING FANCY and has all the alcohols

10. Got a bunch of new Instagram followers

11. Fleecey woollen winter socks are amazing

12. Over-your-head Russian braids are stupidly comfy

13. Got 89 per cent on Spanish coursework that I was supposed to spend a month on but did in one night and was convinced I'd failed because you're supposed to include all the grammar from that unit in the book and I'd lost the book


14. Parents loved their anniversary present

15. Spain photoshoot I was supposed to do earlier this summer is getting rescheduled at last


16. Quitting caffeine entirely stops the weird stabby pains in my right side

17. Clients for all my recent shoots have been ecstatic with their pictures

18. Ben's Cookies' ginger ginger is the best biscuit I've ever eaten

19. Sleeping pills. YES.

20. "Watching the English" is an entertaining read

21. Bagful of tiaras at my feet

22. Agate bookends

23. Lumie light = me waking up refreshed and relaxed every morning. It really does make a massive difference.


24. Mmm, pierogi

25. Garnier 5sec perfect blur

26. This bloke gave his kiddos the bestworst names ever. Lyonesse Matilda Dora Ida Agnes Ernestine Curson Paulet Wilbraham Joyce Eugénie Bentley Saxonia Dysart Plantagenet Tollemache-Tollemache, anyone?



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