Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Your best/worst klutzy time~

This morning I tripped over my too~long pajama pants & crashed in to the sink holding a giant pot of boiling water. I was boiling some clam shells to add to Mr. Peep & Ducky’s tank. Luckily, I was holding the pot high enough that most of the water splashed in to the sink. Enough landed on my inner thigh that I had a 7 x 3 inch patch of burny nonsense. A baggie of ice on it for an hour took care of it. I was so lucky!

I’ve had more klutzy times than I can count. Some were hilarious, some were “holy shit!” It’s a miracle I’ve never had a broken bone or a serious injury. So fucking lucky. I really need to be more careful.


Do you have a hilarious or “holy shit, I’m lucky” story?

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