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Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend....

Let’s play a game.

Jez used to have a feature called your boyfriend... Insert famous person here. They stopped because when it’s about real people it can get borderline.

But I love this game with fictional characters.

So let’s play.

Pic a character. From a book movie or tv show. You can talk about you and them. Would it be a relationship? Or a situationship? Or just sex? And how would they be at sex do you think? This last one is optional.


I’ll start.

The good wife: Cary Agos

I would be with Cary. I don’t think we would get married or anything, but I think we could be cute together for a year or so. I think he probably has a strong dick game because if you’re on kaldina sharmas short list for booty calls, then you that dude.

How to get away with murder: Nate

I love nate and i would love him forever. I would heal his broken, heart and happily accept his foot rubs and spinach smoothies and not complain. Unlike some people.


Doctor who: the doctor (10)

I would fuck him like a freight train and it would be amazing. And we would do it all over the tardis, which would be amazing. Also think, intergalactic sex toys from the future. I have to see what that’s like. Obviously we could never be together cause of the distance and his travelling but i wouldn’t night being that chick he calls if he’s in town.


What about y’all.

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