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Your Childhood In Television Form

I have a love/hate relationship with Netflix. On one hand, NONE of the movies or TV shows I'm in the mood for are available. On the other hand, they have The Powerpuff Girls, Courage The Cowardly Dog and this total ride into nostalgia land known as The Magic School Bus.

I literally spent my youth waiting for these shows to be on when I got home from school or on weekends.The Magic School Bus was in my youthful opinion the best show ever because I absolutely LOVED to learn things as a kid.When you're young, there is so much that you don't understand or are too, ahem, lazy to read more about.That they explained things in a way that was entertaining and simple enough for my kid brain to understand was a total revelation to me.I was learning something, and it wasn't forced upon me, and that left me feeling great.Now, I know now that some of the thing explained on the show are either too simple or inaccurate with current discoveries, but that is how the march of science goes on.As it stands, The Magic School Bus is a time capsule of afternoons singing along to the theme song(preformed by Little Richard, as I learned later on) and getting excited about science in total geeky fervor.


I'm wondering what TV shows do you have such a connection to due to it's significance in your youth? If you didn't have a television or cable growing up for any reason, how do you react to people's nostalgia for things you never really had? What can I say...I'm in the mood for discussion.

Edit: I finally figured out the trick to not having a huge-ass video in my post.Never again, folks!

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