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Your Civic Duty - A Public Service Announcement

*AHEM* *taps microphone*

We're always eager to email our congressional representatives about our pet Jezzie issues, but it wouldn't hurt the Great Democratic Experiment to shoot an email to your legislators with your opinion on the Great Intervention Clusterfuck. The Wall Street Journal/NBC released new poll numbers today and they show visible decline in support for intervention in Syria. But my takeaway is not so much what the prevailing opinion is, but the fact that the opinions of the electorate are being polled, tracked, and talked about. A good deal of it is the media filling column inches, but any discussion about what public opinion is is a good discussion. And so, in the interest of civic duty, and Pavlovian positive reinforcement, I mildly proffer the following PSA:

Whatever your opinion is on American involvement in Syria, share it with your elected officials!!!


You can find your elected official here.

Thank you for your time, and have a lovely day.

(Image totally stolen from the results of a Google image search for "democracy")

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