Today, I found this article (from Jul 2012) about Bikers Against Child Abuse, and started crying somewhere around the first page. What these men and women do is amazing! They "adopt" children that have been abused into their gang/family. Then, whatever these kids needs, these bikers are there for.

In the story this included situations where a little girl was having nightmares about her abuser, so the bikers set up outside her house all night so she knew that the abuser couldn't show up.

When another little girl's abuser's family showed up at her house, they all showed up (after they let the sheriff do his job) and set up a watch for the next 2 days. They don't advocate violence, they don't hunt people down. But, when somebody shows up at a house intending to encounter just a scared little kid and maybe their family and instead there are 4 big, scary bikers there, they change their mind.

They go to court dates with their kids, so the kid has that extra support in a scary situation. It often helps the kid to know that no matter how big and scary their abuser might be, they have a whole group of people that are bigger, scarier, and on their side.


Because of what they do, and often because of past experiences, they also have knowledge of navigating the legal system and can help the families of the kids they help.

After I shared this story of facebook, one of my friends shared a story about how her town has a chapter. A sex offender had been continually hanging around the school, so the local chapter showed up and set up a perimeter around the school for 2 weeks.


I read this article at work, and now feel silly because I'm sitting here in my office crying. But these people are just so awesome!