I don’t follow MMA or the UFC or fighting of any kind, but I’ve heard talk of Ronda Rousey—the girl so strong, no one in her league can keep up. She was on Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel recently, & I’ve decided she’s my new favorite. I love her mentality about her job, and her awareness of her position in the public eye. I really love that she set her sights on a job that didn’t exist, and she decided to be so good, they had to build a place for her. Some clips in the piece are hard to watch—her signature move (repeatedly shown) is dislocating her opponent’s arm. I looked away a few times. I’m not a fan of brutal fighting, but I understand the skill involved and the audience is there for it. Rousey has had a lot to deal with in her life. Totally worth the 15 minute watch. (Maybe pick up a tissue or two first.) Also, her mom is awesome.