This is upsetting me more than it should probably but I can't get over what a complete low life asshole someone would have to be to do this.

The state senator that represents my district tragically backed over his two year old granddaughter in 2007. He didn't know she had run out of the house. It is something I cannot imagine having to live with and certainly an accident that could happen to anyone. The local election for a county supervisor position is coming up next week and one of the candidates is the co-chair of the county Republican party, Jason Wisneski. Our local paper wrote up an article detailing a 2008 plea deal for animal mistreatment where a cat Wisneski owned ended up with four broken legs and needed to be euthanized.

Wisneski was not pleased that this was brought up. He went into the comments section of the article where he made these delightful comments.

It's funny how they never bring up Dave Hansen murdering his grandchild though," Wisneski wrote in his post, which was later removed.

His wife also had some lovely things to say:

Hanson is a murderer but because of who he is and his money he got away with it. Yet liberals forgive the child killer. Can you say hypocrisy?

Disgusting. The good news is the Republican party of Brown County is already calling for him to resign as from the party and has denounced his statements as vile. My heart aches for Dave Hansen and his family that they need to relive this nightmare again. How heartless.