Let me introduce you to Jeffrey Wilson, who just had his "It Happened to Me: I Live In A Dumpster" story published on xoJane.

First of all, that title really needs to be fucking changed to "I happened to myself: I chose to live in a dumpster after my wife found some shady text messages ('I maintain my innocence') and we got a divorce and I didn't want to live in apartment anymore because I'm a pretentious wad and wanted to 'challenge the limits of my life in a big way' so I repainted a dumpster and now my 6 year old daughter can't spend time with me because I'm too busy going on OkCupid first dates that involve traveling Eastern Europe (Western Europe is too cliche) for 21 days." I GUESS THAT TITLE WAS TOO LONG.

Everything about this person is awful and it's hard to put into words how much I want to throw rotten trash in his dumpster. I guess it's nice that he's a professor in Austin and is able to live in a dumpster and have his students make sure he doesn't die of CO2 poisoning. But there are people in the world that don't have jobs and live on the streets or take shelter in boxes out of actual NECESSITY and this guy seems to be doing it for funsies and "learning about sustainability." You can also donate! To build him a better dumpster home!


Maybe I'm missing something and this isn't actually terrible and he's not vying for "world's hippest most fun professor," but this whole thing seems like complete garbage if you're not going to examine the privilege that lets you live in a dumpster comfortably.