This article on sets out to determine, once and for all, whether turning the thermostat down and staying cold indoors will help you burn more calories.

I'm just going to quote commenter spikele here in response:

"AT, have you lost your collective mind? WHAT a screwed-up post. As if people - mostly women - don't feel enough pressure to hate their own bodies, and to suffer in pursuit of thinness (regardless of health, circumstances, and emotional well-being)? This post is written with the assumption that "we'd all love to lose a few pounds!" - which is a massively problematic assumption, not least for people who are struggling with eating disorders.

The fact that this post ends by concluding that it might not be worth it does NOT negate the tone throughout it. I'm actually tempted to write a note of complaint to....someone. The head of AT? Or maybe I'll just boycott this writer's stuff from now on?

Seriously: please think twice before posting stuff like this again. Please think about the pervasive cultural pressures which accompany discussions of weight and calories. Please just....think."