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Your Dating Advice Needed

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How soon is too soon to "date exclusively?"

New Pantsfeelings man friend and I hung out on Friday, and he stayed over. When he was preparing to leave the next morning he asked me if this meant we were seeing each other exclusively now, and I was so surprised I just said, "Um, er... I dunno." It seems rather too soon to me.


He made grumbly noises about finding a "real girlfriend" and stuff and he was disappointed and I think he felt rejected. After he left and I thought about it some more, I texted him that I didn't mean I'd never date him exclusively, but I thought it was a too soon since I'm just getting to know him, and that I hoped I didn't hurt his feelings. For a little while I thought I had blown it. But!

Yesterday he came over and (as I mentioned in comments elsewhere) we basically had a sex marathon. Like we'd finish, and be cuddling in the afterglow, and then we'd both get horny again and go at it... It was pretty amazing! I've sadly never experienced that before, at least not to this extent. Finally we went out to dinner, and then we came back and snuggled and made out some more before he went home. He said he'd been beating the women off with a stick for me, and he was teasing me about wanting a wimpy vegan bicycle riding dude for a bf instead of a motorcycle riding steak eater like himself. I told him to stahhhhp. But we had fun!


But isn't 3 dates too soon to date someone exclusively that you just met on OK Cupid? I don't actually have anything else lined up and I'm not actively looking, so it's kind of moot I suppose - but I dunno. I'm divorced, and I'm not in a hurry. I'm not cynical about relationships - would even get married again if I met someone super special! - but I'm not like dying to lock anything in.

Your thoughts?

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