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My family loves cooking, so Thanksgiving was always fun (and delicious) growing up. However, this is my third year not being home for Thanksgiving. I spent freshman year hanging out with my roommate and eating crappy food from the free buffet on campus. Last year I went to my uncle's house and had delicious food (my grandparents were there too, which was nice), but there wasn't much to help with because all of his friends were bringing dishes. This year our program coordinator is hosting the six students from my school at her house. I'm bringing stuffing (inarguably the best dish), but that's it. Which means that for the third year in a row, I've been reading all of these delightful recipes with the knowledge that I can't make any of them. (I've been sending some to my sister, which hopefully hasn't gotten annoying yet.)

I know I'm not the only one in a less-than-perfect holiday situation, so I propose we all share our dream Thanksgiving menus. Assume that a) you have the time/energy/money/skills to make/buy all of these things, b) you have as many guests as you need so that no food goes to waste. If you're not American, feel free to participate anyway. You can also go full Martha and talk about decorations and shit, if that's your thing.


My menu:

  • This stuffing, which I'm endorsing untried because I trust Deb with the most important dish
  • Fried brussels sprouts (never had them, but don't they look amazing?), and maybe some blanched green beans
  • Biscuits, because they are nature's perfect food (maybe these ones?) and I don't care that I already have a bread-based dish
  • Latkes (new this year, but I vote for putting them into rotation every year, and if I'm already frying anyway...)
  • Do I have to do turkey? Can I substitute sweet potato gratin with chanterelles and comte instead? Or maybe some mushrooms?
  • Cranberry sauce. From a can. Don't make that face at me.
  • Pie—apple? pumpkin? not-overly-sweet sweet potato? It doesn't really matter, as long as the crust is homemade and there's fresh whipped cream

Clearly I plan on exploding after this meal, but I'm pretty sure that's half the point.

Your turn! What are you serving at your dream Thanksgiving?

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