What are your favorite or default swear words? Yesterday I asked people if they heard the word "whore" used IRL as much as I've heard it during my binge watching of Scandal and was really interested in your various swearing habits. My swearing is comparatively unimaginative.

So tell me: your default swear words you use on yourself /by yourself, what you call other people, any interesting or unusual swears from friends/family.

Usually if I'm alone, I'll use "fuck me in ear," "Jesus Christ on a sidecar" or my great-grandmother's favorite: "shit fire in a tar bucket." At one point in my life I was savvy enough to have a sound clip that played Samuel L. Jackson saying "English, motherfucker, DO YOU SPEAK IT?" for when I'm writing.


Other people usually are motherfucking assholes.

The most unusual swear was from a friend of my brother's who, after getting annoyed at backseat drivers, said, "I'm fucking this horse, you just hold its head." That just shut everyone up. For quite awhile.


Speaking of which, I've been a chatty Cathy with the posts. Won't happen again.

ETA: forgot to ask people to supply any good non English swears—turns out you didn't need to be asked.