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Your first apartment

What was (or is) your very first apartment like? I found a bunch of photos of the first place I had on my own and wanted to post them because I'm feeling nostalgic.

I moved in my with then-boyfriend, now fiance, about a year and a half ago. It was the first time I'd lived with another person in 5 years. Before that, I lived by myself in a vintage 1-bedroom apartment with no dishwasher or central air, but it had tall ceilings and hardwood floors and original moulding... I loved it. It was in a neighborhood of dive bars - a block from Club Foot, Happy Village or Innertown Pub. There was a bakery nearby that sold the best tea, and then a gelato shop opened... it was a great, gorgeous neighborhood and a fantastic apartment. I'm glad I took photos, because it's so nice to remember, "Oh yeah, I moved the bookshelf and that owl picture to make room for a bar for that party..." and then I remember the party... anyway, even if this amuses me only! Please post your own! I love this stuff.


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