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Welcome To The Bitchery

Your Loungewear Uniform

Let’s talk about our favorite things to wear at the end of a work day or on one of those lazy days off when you’ve got nowhere to go.

I’m thinking about stepping up my loungewear game and investing in a nice mid-weight bathrobe. I’m tired of getting caught in this catch-22 where being unclothed/under-clothed with open windows in my apartment makes me nervous but wearing clothes means being uncomfortable to some extent, because I have too few spring/summer-weight PJs that fit right now.


My dream robe would come with some kind of non-torturous, just-enough-support sports bra, preferrably one that closes in the front for easy pre-bed removal. (Being bra-less for long periods of time for me is uncomfortable.) And it would not be frumpy.

What do you peeps wear at home when you’re not in the mood to be dressed but feel some covering is required? Any inspired loungewear ideas?

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