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Imagine being a sick kid in a hospital and then, one day, seeing your favorite superhero outside of your hospital room window.

That's what some kids in Chicago got to experience yesterday when the window-washing crew assigned to Lurie Children's Hospital donned their costumes and spent the day washing windows dressed up as Captain America, Batman, and Spider-Man.

The crew foreman, Phil Kujawa, got the idea after he saw a media report about a crew doing something similar elsewhere in the US, and his bosses quickly approved the idea. Despite the crew's initial "Um, I'm not wearing tights" attitude, Kujawa now says they love getting the chance to don their outfits to bring some joy and smiles to sick children.

"They smile and wave their hands. They are so happy. I like (dressing up) because I like to see their happy faces" - Gerardo Vaca (aka Spider-Man)


The children and their families, without a doubt, appreciate the gesture too. From the source article:

"Wow. They are so high up," said a wide-eyed Mason Turngren, 8, whose colon is failing and who has been in and out of the hospital the past four years. On Tuesday, he was exhausted from the most recent battery of tests and had to be coaxed to come to the window. Once there, he was transfixed, as he waved to the heroes and put his hand on the glass to exchange a high-five with Captain America.

That moment meant a lot to Mason's mom, Dusty Turngren, 42. "Just to see a smile on his face," she said. The hospital has offered other events in recent days, including a visit from a therapy dog. None aroused Mason's interest. Then he heard that Spider-Man was outside.

"Superheroes are his favorite," said his mother, "especially Spider-Man." Mason spent a half hour at the windows Tuesday.

Excuse me while I close the office door and cry for a few minutes.

Source: Chicago Tribune


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