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Your Most Impressive Moment of Sloth

What has been your latest “I’m not even mad, that’s amazing” moment of sheer laziness?

Mine was last night. I take online classes for grad school, and they require you to sort of “Skype” in with your webcam. It’s a small window, so they only really see you from your collarbone up.


Now I was wearing a flannel pajama set at this point. Something very similar to this.

There is no way that what I’m wearing could be construed as anything but pajamas. And I get it into my head that I can’t be seen as the bum wearing pajamas to my fake classes.

So instead of, oh I don’t know, changing my damn shirt, I unbuttoned the top two buttons and pushed the sleeves down my arms so it would look like I was wearing a cute off-the-shoulder top. As one does.



Let’s revel in our pathetic moments!

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