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What are your go-to recipes whenever you need to really impress a person, whether it’s a new partner, visitor, friends, etc?

My new person and I were talking about food, and we started talking about what I’m going to be making for him for breakfast next week since I’ve stayed at his place the last 3 weekends (he’s an excellent cook if you ignore that one of the burners ruined his crepe pan). I think I am going to make a breakfast casserole or some other sweet/savory thing with fresh fruit. I make my own cold press, so coffee is all set. But I don’t have anything specific as my go-to.


Yesterday I made waffles with a peaches and cream cheese whipped topping, which he was impressed with going on description alone. His breakfast next week will also be a part of his mini food vacation; he’ll actually be able to eat at the Russian tea house that’s only open 3 hours a week, a food festival held by my favorite chefs the next day, plus I told him I’m going to wait for him to open my first Amazon Surprise Sweets box. He’s going home in a food coma.

What do you make to really knock people’s socks off?

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