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Your Most Vile Substance

This story made me start wondering why I react the way I do to certain "disgusting" things.

Obviously, no one should be changing diapers near food, but to me personally? A shitty diaper isn't the worst thing in the world. I'm not a parent; now maybe I just haven't changed enough of them in the middle of the night, or in cars, or pulled over on the side of the road. Even the thought of that, while not my favorite thing, doesn't repulse me, really. Changing my father's Depends when he was dying was sad, but it was hardly the most awful thing about his illness. Everything else that happened was worse. Vomit's also disgusting, but I've cleaned it up before; I've cleaned up or picked up most excretions since I have a dog and have taken care of young kids.


What does really repulse me? Dead mice in traps. I had to throw them away in my last apartment when my roommate wasn't around, and there I was, putting on rubber gloves, breathing through my mouth, and trying not to think about their little corpses so I wouldn't feel faint. Roaches and other bugs though? No problem. Easily killed and disposed of.

What's your most repulsive, gross out, shudder-inducing substance or thing out there?

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