Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Today I had a not so proud moment. So I thought, let's spend this wonderful friday sharing moments where our star didn't shine it's brightest. Rather, it kind of exploded in a stinky sulfury storm. I'll go first!

I woke up this morning with a stiff neck. In order to save time I've enclosed an artist rendering of boobiechick today. Yes, this was my actual real relaxed pose. All day. It started out a little funny, my coworkers and I laughed at me walking around like a wooden puppet, laughs were had. But as the day wore on it got more and more painful.

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After an appointment with a client (where I spent an hour holding up a screen. au.) I went to the chiropractor. Things have to get better before they get worse so I was in even more pain afterwards, it was so bad I was dizzy and felt nauseated from it. I had no way of getting painkillers until I got home so I got on with my hour commute.


On the way home I stopped off at a department store to return some gloves I'd gotten for christmas (2 pairs. expensive too..). I waited for 15 minutes and was finally called up.

"did you order this online?"
"um.. no"
"this line is for online purchases only, you have to go downstairs for other returns"
"I'll take a look.. Oh these past the return date.."
"we give extra time around christmas but the final date has passed"
After staring at her for a few seconds I rudely grabbed the gloves from the counter, responded "Well I guess I'll just have to sell them then or something!" stuffed them in my purse and walked off swearing like you wouldn't believe.
I made a beeline to the toilets where I locked myself in a stall and sobbed for a few minutes.

This my friends.. Was not my proudest moment.
And now I'm just laying here thinking about that poor girl behind the counter. Yikes.


Distract me from my pain and my inability to sleep even on painkillers and share a bad moment!

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