Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

All I can say is BRAVO, Ms. Kadia Blagrove, BRAVO. HuffPo has a hilarious piece that does satire right. My favorite bits below the jump:

By the time Juvenile's "Back That Ass Up" came on, I was completely unable to focus on my twerking. Instead, I was feeling hyper-aware of my spandex booty shorts, my sexy tight tank top, my well-versedness in dropping it like it's hot. My heavy-set black woman body. Surely, this skinny white girl was noticing all of these things and judging me for them, stereotyping me, resenting me — or so I assumed. However, I'm pretty sure I was right. How could I be wrong?

If I were her, I thought, I would want as little attention to be drawn to my unfortunate dance moves and despair as possible. I would not want anyone to notice me. And so I tried to very deliberately avoid shaking my behind in her face. But I still felt her hostility towards me. Trying to ignore her only made things worse. Should I have told her to bend over to the front and touch her toes? Should I have encouraged her to drop down and get her eagle on? Would that have made me come off as rude or ghetto?


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