The other night after my first post here on Groupthink ManWombat asked what I posted. I told him I panicked and showed pictures of our cat. I was laying in bed, Carlin at my feet as he stood, stooped down to stare into her non-caring face.
"Did you tell everyone that she was an admiral?" He asked.
"Admiral Porkchop. Did you tell them?" He asked, stroking her nose.
"No, I demoted her to Captain because she's been a jerk lately," I told him, distractedly. I was flipping through a book, only half watching him.
He grabbed the bottom of his T-shirt and shrugged like an excited three year old and whispered to Carlin, "I don't think you've been a jerk. I bet the internet people loved you."
Internet people. You guys are internet people. And Carlin's adoring public.

What do your Significant others think of Groupthink? Are they pro, anti, participants? Do you share posts with them?
ETA: Thanks for mentioning this Agador- most importantly, do they know your names for them? ManWombat demanded why I didn't call Carlin Womcat. I have no reasons, only a feeling that I missed out on something great.