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Your tuesday am OT

I woke up feeling like there was a foreign object up inside my nose - like as high up as possible. And since then, I have been having sneezing fits - like 5-9 sneezes in a row. My nose is overproducing mucus - ostensibly to deal with that foreign object. I am miserable.

I am so forking pissed off at Jeff Sessions for so many reasons - but now this announcement that he is looking into a special counsel to look into HRC just pisses me off even more.

I had an idea for yelp this morning - I wish you could save places you want to go in the yelp app, and then when you are near them, it pings you to remind you of that. Like - there are so many restaurants I read about that sound really good - but then I forget about them. It would be nice to be reminded of them when I am in that neighborhood - or to at least if I am looking for a restaurant (or anything else) in a certain region, if my saved places showed up highlighted so I knew they were things I had wanted to check out.


edited to add: My morning got even worse! I get up super early to avoid interacting with people in the am - it’s super duper important to me. This am, my roommate got up at 5am - which meant having to interact with her, coordinate bathroom time with her, etc. I really hope this isn’t an ongoing thing with her because I literally cannot get up any earlier than I do - and this time is really important to me. Then, I placed an order for a chai at the starbucks nearby - I walked there to pick it up on the way to work, and they hadn’t made it yet bc they were out of the venti cups, so they needed to know if I wanted a refund or a grande. This made me late for my train. And to top all of this off, I found a cockroach in our bathroom this morning. It was super small, and I sent it down the drain - but still. Bad morning all around.

edited to add again: I went to work and couldn’t breathe and was so cold that - even with my winter coat on - I was shivering. I spent a couple hours working and then realized the work I had done I had already done - so I just replicated earlier work! What a waste! Clearly, I was out of it so I ended up coming home. I stopped at Duane Reade to get drugs and the cashier expressed sympathy for my malade - which was very nice. I bought some soup at the grocery store and am now home again.

How are you?

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