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Your Weekly Bollywood Dance Party- A New Cross-Post!

Hello lovelies! This week over on Backtalk, teapot has been doing little daily Bollywood posts. She got good feedback and we talked about turning it into a weekly thing together!

So here it is: your very first edition of Bollywood Dance Party featuring one of my favorite films, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. (and the crowd goes wild!)

Like many Bollywood films, the plot is a little convoluted... I'll just tell you that in the first ten minutes there is a joyful wedding preparation, the death of the groom and his entire family on the way to the wedding, the bride's father has a heart attack and on his deathbed asks his daughter to marry our hero so he can die in peace knowing that she is taken care of, another (more somber) wedding and then a funeral. It's a hell of an opener.


Anyways. I don't want to give too much away, so I'll get right to the video. This is a bit of a dream sequence in the film, and features Shah Rukh Khan doing what he and Bollywood do best - referencing the greats. It pays tribute to 50 years of Bollywood and references famous actors, films, and songs from each decade. (Hence how I get it to fit in the 90s theme of BackTalk) Enjoy!

ALSO PS IT'S REALLY HARD TO PICK JUST ONE VIDEO. I love all the songs in this movie and want to post them all, but then you basically know the whole movie and why would you watch it for yourself?

So. Bonus video from the film... one of my favorite most swoon worthy songs. It makes my heart flutter every time. He's singing that he sees god in her, and there are adorable children, and her shalwar is gorgeous. Also, if anyone can read Hindi, can you tell me what the back of that truck reads? Because I'm infinitely curious and it doesn't get translated in the subtitles of my DVD. Yes, I own this movie.

If you enjoy these, keep your eyes open for more Bollywood lists and videos from myself and teapot!

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