Here are mine. What are yours?

1) My gel manicure set-up remains excellent. My very, very, very, very pale pink nails are almost perfect… I promise next time I won't fuck 'em up even the tiniest bit.

2) Dessert wine is delicious. A whole bottle. Yep.

3) Three freelance jobs in three days? Excellent. Sleep deprived, but excellent.


4) My new hoover is really powerful. The stupid rubbish carpet in my flat looks so much less rubbish.

5) Mmm, French toast with banana, berries and syrup, and a hot chocolate with rum in and chocolate shavings on top.


6) I live in a world where Pharrell Williams exists.

7) I'm finally planning a honeymoon.

8) I'm reading in Spanish for fun, and I'm not stopping to look up all the words I don't understand because I have to keep reading and find out what happens.


9) I have to buy a red dress. As in, I'm actually required to, and it's not just some sort of excuse.

10) I lost weight.

11) This is really, really boring, but I finally have a big kitchen bin. It's an excellent thing.


12) My friends from California were here. Their band is as amazing as ever.

13) I put dates on the calendar to go to Los Angeles.

14) My jewellery collection has become exceptional without me really trying.

15) The Thinktank Retrospective 20 is the king of all camera bags.

16) I did my financial projections for the next several years and sorted out a bunch of career planning stuff. I have three new spreadsheets of quantifiable goals. Spectacular.


17) My husband is pulling his hair over his eyes and doing an impression of a highland cow.

18) My imaginary cat, Ferdinand the Girl, is well.

19) The Father John Misty song Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings is the best song and the video is the best video. It's old and you've all seen it, but let's reminisce. Graveyard sex songs are wonderful.


20) I fell in love with this picture by Ecole Photo: