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Your week's best bits (TW: happiness)

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Here are mine. What are yours?

1) I made pancakes. Why have I never made pancakes before? I love pancakes — NOT that crazy flat cake thing they call pancakes in American restaurants, but normal eggs + flour + milk thrown in a frying pan of oil then pulled out and smothered in lemon and sugar.


2) I used my blender. Why have I never used my blender before? Stirring is tiresome; blenders are for winners.

3) It's been sunny. So sunny. I went out without a coat.

4) We opened our windows for the first time since we've lived here.

5) Grand Budapest Hotel is really good. And, that was the first time I'd been to the cinema for a million years.


6) Honeymoon flights are booked. The first hotel is booked. These things are exciting.

7) Edam and sable grapes for dinner is marvellous.

8) Pear juice with a fascinating and delightful new person was lovely.

9) Fig yoghurt. Yes.

10) I took many pictures, including one of the blossom flooding the steps to my flat.


11) What's that you say? A last-minute really fun job next week? Yes, of course I'm available.

12) The agate bookends we got as wedding presents are as heavy and pleasing as ever.


13) There's an organisation that fucked me around for a very long time when I was trying to activate my membership; it took so long that the event I particularly wanted to attend was sold out by the time I was set up to buy a ticket. I made such a fuss that despite their initial protestations they eventually apologised and found me a seat. Success.

14) I'm not pregnant. I didn't think I was, or anything, but not being pregnant remains permanently on my list of tiny triumphs.


15) The new VSCO Film 5 is my favourite yet. I love it. It's like being a kid with my first camera again.


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