Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
Illustration for article titled Your weeks best bits (TW: happiness)

Here are mine:

1) Afternoon tea at one of my favourite hotels

2) My current favourite pizza

3) Salamander finished and was consistently excellent

4) I shot portraits of a hot bloke and they're great

5) Hampstead cemetery is wonderful

6) There once lived a woman named Fanny Nockles (see picture)

7) Dessert wine

8) New home gel manicure: black

9) A freelance client I thought I didn't get came back to me and wants to meet

10) My honeymoon plans are INSANELY BRILLIANT

11) A publisher I cold-emailed loved my portfolio

12) It got sunny; really sunny

13) My flat smells like cherries

14) I smell like pear and freesia

15) My freebie Birchbox had a black liquid eyeliner in it, and I can never have too many black liquid eyeliners


16) I started two new photography projects

17) Financial organisational stuff about which I'll spare you the boring details; the end of the tax year is FUN!


18) I do no dishes or laundry, ever

19) My sister bought her wedding dress and I helped her feel a lot happier about it


20) My husband is doing an impression of a dorky T-Rex named Tyrannosaurus Rick

Now yours: GO!


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