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Your wishlist for this holiday season

Inspired by the theorizing as to who Mueller will indict come Monday, I thought I’d ask y’all what your wishlist is for this holiday season. What would redeem 2017 for you - in small or large ways - in ways that are realistic or not. I want it all!

My initial thoughts:

1. Black tights that are fully opaque, not at all shiny and never run or get holes


2. The plant dress from eloquii in my size (the pink one that is sold out here).

3. For eloquii to open a shop on Manhattan

4. For anthropologie to start carrying larger sizes.

5. The perfect pair of walking boots that are cute (look cute with dressed) and comfy in multiple colors (black, grey, dk brown, medium brown, and deep red). Kind of like these.


6. My own, affordable, apartment that is a 2 bedroom with washer and dryer and dishwasher in unit (since this doesn’t have to be realistic) and some kind of outdoor space (private) that is close to the 1, a, or c train. It should have wood floors and high ceilings - and should have large windows (that are still somehow private) with lots of sunlight. It should also have lots of counter space and lots of storage (cabinets, closets, etc.)

7. For Trump and Pence to get indicted on Monday and the election results of 2016 to get nullified. Trumps and Pences (and extended family) are all humiliated and none of them can ever work in the public sector again.


8. For some media outlet (a big one) to pick up on our paper on the effects of the results of the election.

9. For things at my new university to get way way way better.

10. A shape-changing ray that would let me make clothes that are too small or too large fit me perfectly - and that would let me shrink my kittens down to pocket sized so I can bring them to work or on vacations super easily.


11. A really good job offer that they will hold till my fellowship is over.

12. Some rich person to decide to fully fund my research in perpetuity.

13. For Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands to recover quickly and to thrive.

14. For Flint to finally have clean water and to thrive.

15. For the alt-right and white nationalists to be evicted from the US (and to have to go live on their own island - all alone).


16. For the GOP to realize they are idiots and to do some massive soul searching and their voters to do the same.

17. For all sexual harassing/assaulting men to get their comeuppance.

18. For those men who desperately cling to power and use things like sex to gain power to realize those are horrible methods and they need to just stop. For them to realize women are equals and that we are all the better for promoting women and supporting women’s equality/feminism.


19. To get back down to the weight I was before grad school.

20. Gorsuch’s appointment to the supreme court is nullified.

21. For “pro lifers” to realize they have been wrong and that they should turn their focus to actual children who are actually alive and who actually need help and support (poor kids, homeless kids, kids in the foster system, etc.).


22. End to racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia worldwide.

23. For citibikes to put bike stations all over manhattan, i.e., above 130th street.


Okay - that was long, but I’m sure there is more - what’s on your list?

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