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Your wrong-gender crushes

So I was reading the article about Kelly Clarkson from the main page and, at least in part because of a very good picture they used, I was reminded of a conversation I had many moons ago with other gay dudes about what kind of women we think we'd have been into if we weren't lucky enough to be totally into guys. And not Women we'd be with if we were closeted or Women we really admired and thought that would somehow transfer into sexual attraction but, like, actual "I can see myself totally wanting to bone her" sort of thing. So, you know, no "girl crush" or "man-crush" nonsense.

So yeah, anyway, for me:

1. The aforementioned Ms. Clarkson. I'm sexually attracted to guys who can sing, nice curves, I kind of think that given my upbringing the suburban girl who dabbles in the most minimal of rock chick pretensions would really work for me.


2. Neko Case. I think to think College straight me would have grown out of the "fake rock chick" thing but would still be a huge fan of the New Pornographers. Is a total babe. Seems pretty funny from her twitter feed. Also I've always liked that "Every man is entitled, once in his life, to fall in love with a gorgeous Redhead" quote but have never liked a guy with red hair.

3. Monica Belucci. I like to think post-college me would somehow have been James Bond. Also, I mean, come on. Nobody's that gay.

So other GT'ers, have anything like that? Straight girls, gay dudes, what girls turn your hypothetical crank? Gay girls, straight guys, what dudes hypothetically have a crank you'd like to turn? Bisexuals.......how's the weather where you are?

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