My friend from high school wrote an article about the Duck Dynasty horribleness and some people did not like it. He compiled some of his ridiculous hate mail.

"Keep your trap shut. Because the thought of two men screwing each other in the a#$ quite frankly makes me want to vomit. Beyond that, I could care less what your sexual preferences are. But I do not go around wearing a "Pu@#y Eaters Pride" t-shirt!"

"I can see your corporate boardroom now a bunch of dumbed down DNC voters, educated by indoctrinators in the dysfunctional Teachers Union public school system, wearing bow ties, suspenders, long hair in some cases, spice up the image of a super liberal with some John Lennon look alike glasses !"

"This is America and you can make it for yourself or you can just sit around and bitch because you think you're owed something. Im talking about white and blacks and illegal who are lazy and that's how they will stay. What is sad is there are people who support them and tell them they are right. NAACP for sure. Its organizations like that, in my opinion who keep the racism game alive."

"what you FAIL to realize (Mr. "Bozo") is that whatever "Phil" has to say is Constitutionally protected FREE SPEECH ! It doesn't matter what his opinion(s) are ! The Constitution clearly says he has the RIGHT to say it ! so...if you don't like what "Phil" has to say... under the (banner of "free, Constitutionally protected FREE SPEECH) "CRAM it up your @ss" ! (and) Merry Christmas to you too !"


"Just to be sure, let me repeat that for you: you're an ignorant, hateful, hate-filled, ill-informed, bigoted, racist, heterophobic bully. Just like the executives at A&E. Just like Bull Connor. Just like Al Sharpton. Just like Barack Hussein Obama. Just like Adolph [sic] Hitler."

"So it sounds like you prefer a mans anus over a women's vagina, not that there's anything wrong that. Almost forgot my grandson went to see Santa a White Santa!"


More at the link. Hoooooooo boy.