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You're Invited, Philadelphians who like tweed

Philadelphia’s Tweed Ride is happening this year on November 14th at 11 am!

Tweed Ride is a bicycle ride and picnic fundraiser with prizes! Riders dress in tweed oldtimey-themed costumes. We meet at the Water Works and cycle around Philadelphia, with a stop for a picnic in Washington Square, ending at Rembrandt’s for drinks. There are prizes for best picnic, best bicycle, snappy lass, dapper chap, magnificent millinery, and marvelous mustache. In past years, the ride raised money for PhilAbundance, but the organizers haven’t posted yet who is the beneficieary of this year’s ride. There is usually a ten dollar suggested donation to participate.


The costumes range from jeans and a thrifted wool jacket to elaborate 1930’s era outfits. The bikes range from WalMart mountain bikes to WWII era vintage bikes to a pennyfarthing. The picnics range from purchased salads to elaborate meals with chess sets. What I’m saying is, even if you don’t have time or money for a fancy getup, you should come to this event, just to see what other people come up with. Every year it’s a blast.

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